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Wedding Videos: Capture Those Treasured Memories

Wedding Videos Capture Those Treasured Memories

Weddings constitute a huge expense, one of the biggest in our lives, in fact, and as such it is perfectly reasonable to look into cutting costs where one can. So, it makes sense that you might be on the fence about paying for photography AND videography for your wedding day! Nonetheless, there are plenty of reasons that you might regret forgoing a wedding video for your wedding at Sian Ka’an Village; first and foremost you will deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing the whole day once more. Have a look at our top reasons as to why you should consider a videographer for your wedding at Sian Ka’an Village.

Capture the Details

You will spend month meticulously planning each and every detail of your wedding day, but the sad (and happy) truth is that the day itself will fly by so quickly that you may never get to see all those details come together properly! Hiring a videographer will let you go back in years to come to see your hard work pay off, and better yet let you see all those little moments that might have passed you by! Your friends and family will love being able to relive these moments with you too, but above and beyond this you might capture people in the video that were not in any of the pictures, or who had to leave early for any reason. The ability to look back and hear old voices, see expressions, and watch their mannerisms is something that you will be thankful for in the future.

Relive Your Ceremony

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A video will allow you to see things you may not have been present for, such as what was going on as the excitement was building before the ceremony got started or seeing the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle.  Likewise, viewing the expressions on your faces and hearing the intonation of your voices as you exchange vows, which can be one of the most moving portions of your wedding, is something that you simply cannot achieve with photography.  

Revisit Your Cherished Memories

As we noted before, the real blessing is in being able to relive this day for years to come, and when you’re spending so much time and money on one day it makes sense to relive it whenever you want! This is something that becomes more and more important as years go by; this can be a reminder of your love and commitment even when things get rough, and you can show it to your children, too, in the future, as well as any loved ones who couldn’t attend your wedding. These days, however there is another great facet; you can live stream your wedding ceremony to those who can’t make it if you find a company who offers this!