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Sian Ka’an Diving with Crocodiles at Chinchorro

Diving with Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro

The unprecedented power, cunning and beauty of the crocodile is something that never fails to impress. Even the most jaded individual would be hard pushed to brush off the reality of steel-crushing jaws, countless teeth and fathomless agility that is the American crocodile. Yet, for those who spend time in Banco Chinchorro, a reef just off the south easterly coast of Quintana Roo, the sight of the majestic and awe inspiring croc is just a part of daily life!

How about adding a diving with crocodiles tour to your Sian Ka’an Village experience?

Diving with Crocodiles in Sian Ka’an
Banco Chinchorro is a half days journey from the bustling city of Cancun and about an hour or so from Sian Ka’an Village. It is worlds away from the bustle of the techno-centric world. Here the prehistoric is firmly in vogue, and it is here that you can find one of the largest congregation of American crocodiles in the whole world! The brave can even find themselves nose to nose with living examples of the oldest predator in the world, if they wish.

If you opt to encounter the massive beasts of Chinchorro you can head out in the early afternoon with a guide who will lure in some crocs with bait. The area they are drawn into is shallow and the waters are clear enough to allow for perfectly clear viewing. Though you cannot dive with the adults you can certainly get an eyeful of their splendour from a safe distance!

It’s not all about the sharp-toothed boys, however; you can also explore some of the unique and interesting shipwrecks that dot the sea floor. The admittedly unfortunate fate of the boats and their crew has, nonetheless, provided one of the most unique reefs in the world. Home to giant sea sponge, grunts, snappers and corals this reef offers a level of natural beauty and diversity that is hard to rival. Any diver could spend hours, days even, exploring the nine different wrecks on Chinchorro.

When you visit the largest atoll in the Western Hemisphere you’re signing up for adventure. At Chinchorro you have a 90% chance of seeing one of the 700 crocodiles that inhabit the area and a 100% guaranteed chance of having the time of your life. Who wouldn’t bet on those odds?

Make Sian Ka’an your choice for a stunning vacation that will check a number of bucket list experiences for sure.