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Is Mexico Safe for Vacations?

Is Mexico Safe for Vacations?

The short answer? Yes! Mexico is a safe vacation destination. The cautious answer? No place on earth is 100% safe, as we have seen in recent years with the ever-increasing incidents of terrorism in countries that are considered among the safest in the world. Nevertheless, when it comes to Mexico, there are very real reasons why you might be asking yourself this question: Is Mexico safe for vacations?

Is Mexico safe for vacations?

When it comes to safety in Mexico as a whole, the media likes to draw attention to the scandalous, shocking, and sensational goings on that sometimes occur (most often in border towns and states). Nonetheless, these stories do not represent the whole country, and even exaggerate the frequency of such issues in the more dangerous areas of the country. When visiting the major tourist destinations, you chances of being involved in any violent crime is greatly reduced. In fact, the tourists hotspots in the south and along the coasts of Mexico are, by and large, beautiful, vibrant, luxurious, and very safe, often much safer than any city in North America.

Keeping yourself safe in Mexico

Of course, there are certain things you should do in any foreign country that will help to keep you safe. Take a look at our tips below that will make sure that Mexico is a pleasant experience for you.

Use Common Sense!

This is so simple, so obvious, and yet so often overlooked. If you don’t look for trouble, e.g. don’t try to buy drugs or start altercations, you’re unlikely to run into any problems. In fact, the rate of random violence in most areas of Mexico is actually lower than you would find in many cities and regions in the USA! Act the way you would at home, observing the same etiquette and safety protocols, and you are not likely to experience any trouble when you vacation in Mexico.

Stick Together

Stick with your traveling companions when you are out and about; some of the best sights in Mexico are off the beaten track, and it never hurts to have familiar faces around in case you get sick or have an accident. Likewise, when you’re partying make sure your group stays together and leaves the club together (just as you would when going out at home). After all, getting lost in a foreign country while drunk is no-ones idea of a safe, fun vacation experience!

Understand You Aren’t Above the Law

This is a bigger issue than you might realize, especially amongst younger people; spring breakers and mardi-gras revelers come to Mexico to have a good time and behave in ways they might never at home. The result, of course, is that they fall afoul of local law enforcement, and they are often surprised that they get no leniency. Understanding that the laws of the country you’re in apply to you in the same way as they do to everyone else is fundamental to ensuring your vacation goes off without a hitch.

Mexico is a truly amazing country, and we urge you to not let bad press convince you to stay away; this is a place where history lives and breathes alongside the majesty of nature.