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Sian Ka’an Protecting Biodiversity

The Truth about the Sian Kaan Biosphere

As the human race continues to grow, the sacred biodiversity around the world becomes more and more affected.  The natural habitats of plants and animals are being encroached on as more previously untouched areas become developed.  Regions like the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which is located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula, need to be protected because they are home to an enormous number of plant and animal species in a fragile ecosystem that is, sadly, quite easy to disrupt.  

Why Protecting Biodiversity is so important

Why Protecting Biodiversity is so important

Everything from environmental pollution, to new building developments and changes in land use, to wastewater, to the massive amounts of plastic trash found in the world’s oceans is having a negative impact on the biodiversity that makes our planet so unique and delightful.

There has been much research on the topic and studies continually point to the fact that the actions of humans and the way they modify a given habitat strongly impacts their local biological communities.  When there is a loss of biodiversity, it can have a negative effect on ecosystem function and the sustainability of human societies.  This trend, unfortunately, has spread throughout most of the world, and the biodiversity that continues to dwindle is reaching dangerously low levels due to the loss of natural habitats.  

High levels of Biodiversity Loss

Beaches, sunrises and coral reefs

freedive along the brain coral

High levels of biodiversity loss are so substantial; in fact, that it appears as though some ecosystems will soon begin to fail at supporting human societies.  It comes as no surprise that areas with high levels of biodiversity that experience fewer changes in land use retain higher biodiversity levels and have a much better chance at being preserved through conservation efforts than regions struggling with the dramatically negative impact new development can have.   

It is crucial that more attention and awareness be placed on this urgent issue, and that begins with education and conservation policy, both nationally and internationally.  These delicate ecosystems such as Sian Ka’an need to be preserved and the habitats restored, not only for the plants and animals that are threatened, but also for the wellbeing of mankind.  

What is your role in protecting biodiversity?

What is your role in protecting biodiversity

So, what can you do on a personal level to help combat the threat of biodiversity loss?  Being eco friendly in your everyday life really can help, so walk the walk and encourage friends and family members to do the same.  Avoid disposable plastics as much as possible by carrying reusable tote bags when you shop, and choose refillable water bottles over single-use plastic bottles.  If you don’t already recycle, seek out facilities in your area and recycle as many items as you can.  Speaking of recycled materials, if you happen to be building anything, from a desk to a new home, choose sustainable, reused and recycled materials as much as possible.  

Another way to contribute to protecting biodiversity is to support businesses that make ethical decisions and do what they can to protect the environment, from restaurants, to airlines, to hotels, to retailers.  Donate anything you don’t want but that is still usable rather than just throwing it out.  Also, donate what money you can to nonprofits and charities that are involved in conservation efforts in these delicate habitats, so that our planet can continue to host the fascinating biodiversity it has always supported.