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What do we mean by Ecotourism?

What do we mean by ecotourism

When we talk about ecotourism, what do we actually mean? Nowadays, the word “ecotourism” is thrown around like a buzz word by many people who give lip-service to the concept like it were a fashion rather than taking it seriously. So, what does it mean?


Luxury and Sustainability at Sian Kaan Village

When we talk about ecotourism, we are referring to responsible and sustainable tourism that works as closely as possible with the environment as opposed to promoting overcrowded tourist complexes that have little respect for their surroundings. Ecotourism involves not only spending your vacations in nature but also involves the active participation during your stay to protect the  biodiversity in the destination. Another important factor is to support the local communities in the projects they introduce to protect the destination. Therefore, true ecotourism is active engagement with the natural environment.

Who is right for ecotourism?

Who is right for ecotourism?

Without a doubt, ecotourism is a different kind of vacation, for those people who are tired of visiting the same tourist destinations and following the crowd. Taking an active part in protecting the environment can be particularly rewarding and is a great opportunity for introducing one’s children to the sensibilities necessary for looking after the planet at large.

Choosing an ecological destination implies that you are taking responsibility for preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the place you are visiting, resulting in “green travelers” becoming evermore aware of their importance in the protection of the environment. Furthermore, this trend towards ecotourism is a positive move that can help combat (or at the very least raise awareness of) the impact of climate change. More and more travelers are taking responsibility for their role in the development of sustainability.