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8 Reasons Why Sian Ka’an Village is Perfect for Luxury Meditation Retreats

If you are seeking that perfect location to host a luxury meditation retreat or workshop, or perhaps you are looking for a space where you can retreat from the dog-eat-dog world with like minded friends who love to meditate, Sian Ka’an Village in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect choice.

Here are just some of the reasons why Sian Ka’an Village is perfect for luxury Meditation retreats:

1 – Breathtakingly Beauty

It goes without saying that the location of Sian Ka’an Village within a privileged enclave of the UNESCO protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere is stunning. The most turquoise water you will ever see, embraced by mangroves, palm trees and lush coastal vegetation adorned with soft white sand formed from the coral reefs that protect the biosphere.

2 – Detox from Life

Located far away from the hustle and bustle of daily stresses and chores, the Sian Ka’an Village is the ideal to disconnect from the “real” world and meditate. With no cell coverage, you won’t have to struggle to resist catching up with work and family issues. A luxury meditation retreat here is total idyllic seclusion.

3 – Silence Accompanied by Nature’s Melodies

If there is one thing Sian Ka’an Village can guarantee for your luxury meditation retreat, it is silence. No cars, no cell phone chatter, no neighbors playing loud music; Sian Ka’an Village is an idyllic sanctuary from the world. The only sounds you will hear are the mantras or music you choose to accompany your meditation practice.

4 – Charming Palafitos Architecture

The picturesque architectural structure of Sian Ka’an Village means that everyone can enjoy their own privacy when needed in 7 luxury en suite bedrooms. Common areas are spacious and grand too for socializing and meditating together. Best suited for 14 adults with the capacity for up to 18 guests.

5 – Different Areas for Mediations

What makes Sian Ka’an Village ideal for a meditation retreat are the different areas for group meditations. You can choose from the wooden ocean front deck, the beach, the air-conditioned Grand Salon, the shaded palapa on the beach at Sian Ka’an Village or the palapa at the ruined house, Casa de Piedra nearby. There are also plenty of comfortable spaces for individual meditation where you will not be disturbed by others on the retreat.

6 – Opportunity for Walking Meditations

Being that Sian Ka’an Village is located within a lush tropical paradise just waiting to be discovered, you can incorporate walking meditations into your program. Imagine sunrise walks along the beach in both directions, explorations of the mangroves and a walk to Casa de Piedra for a picnic lunch.

7 – Tailored Menus

When you rent Sian Ka’an Village, your meals, snacks and drinks are included in the daily rates. Part of this exclusive service includes a chef who will prepare your meals throughout your stay according to preferences you stipulate prior to your arrival. While the specialty of the property is to prepare freshly caught fish that Sian Ka’an Village staff catch daily, vegetarian and other options can be pre-arranged to suite your luxury meditation retreat group.

8 – Personalized Service and Pre-concierge

Likewise, your luxury meditation retreat at Sian Ka’an Village will be accompanied by first class attention from the property’s housekeeper and expert butler, who will coordinate with the retreat leader to make sure that your stay is totally personalized to your group’s needs for luxury and comfort.