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Executive Team Building in Sian Ka’an

The most recent executive team building event held at Sian Ka’an Village last month was yet another inspiring success. The leadership retreat entitled “Live the Experience” welcomed executives from the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort located in Playa Mujeres, Cancun for a 3-day team building incentive that sought to fully integrate the heads of the various departments at the five star resort to harmonize their vision for the future.

The team building incentive at Sian Ka’an Village was the first time the heads of department really got to know each other outside of the boardroom,” commented Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Sales Director, Constanza Pintos, “we were able to share our ideas, pastimes, music preferences in a relaxed environment, without the pressures of work.

Arriving to the Sian Ka’an Paradise

Upon arrival, the group were greeted by Sian Ka’an Village’s housekeeper and manager, Margarito and his team who served a delicious barbecue and drinks to the hungry arrivals after offering ice cold scented face towels to refresh each guest. The logo of the Villa del Palmar hotel was etched in the sand with a message from the hotel Manager Germain Gallardo saying “Let’s have fun!”

All Flowers and Colors

Once everyone had been assigned their rooms and freshened up, the guests arrived to the first dynamic team building activity dressed in the colorful t shirts and sarongs that had been left for each member of the executive team in their suites. The group were split into two teams for a charades type game focused on movies followed by dinner in the Grand Salon, karaoke and black jack. “One of the teams obviously spent most of their time at the movies,” shared Margarito.

No pain no gain!

Day 2 required more physical effort from the team so the resort’s Spa and Wellness Manager, Francisco Lugo had prepared a short stretching routine to get everyone active and to exercise the body a little, followed by a short guided meditation and breakfast.

The first team building activity of the day, “Giving 100%,” was full of personal challenges as it took each of the leaders to consider those moments when they had been put to the test, facing fears, grief, guilt etc with the support of the rest of the team.

The second challenge, “LOST” was about testing mental and physical ability, and the executive team had to create tools and seek alternatives with the resources provided by nature for survival, which saw them ending the task swimming in the turquoise sea on Sian Ka’an’s private beach.

Getting to know each other better

The evening of the second day was particularly crucial as a means of building relationships between the members of staff. The activity took the form of speed dating, where you passed from person to person, collecting information about each one.

Dinner was served once again in the Grand Salon at Sian Ka’an Village followed by a bonfire on  the beach to share experiences and reflect upon the discoveries of the past 2 days.  

Time for Reflection

The final day of the Leadership retreat at SIan Ka’an Village had a slower pace, starting the day with a guided meditation led by Villa del Palmar Cancun’s General Manager, Germain Gallardo. After a full breakfast, the group then made their way back to Cancun full of incredible memories and personal discoveries.