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Boosting Your Health One Vacation at a Time

Everywhere we look, we are inundated with advertising gimmicks and wonder products that promise to improve our health, help us look our best and function to relieve our stress.  These miracle cures, more often than not, are just a fluke but there is one thing that has been long overlooked as a means to boost one’s health.  While many think of a vacation simply as a chance to get out and explore the world, others have caught on to the fact that vacationing can do wonders for your physical and mental health.  Not only does it boost your levels of serotonin making you happier, but it relieves stress, eases depression and reduces your risk of illness as well.  

Five Health Reasons to Take a Vacation

1. Pure Happiness!

Planning, taking and remembering a vacation can have an incredible effect on one’s mood and essentially their health.  There is a certain joy that accompanies the weeks and even months prior to a vacation as travelers book their flights, pack their bags and head off on a well-deserved vacation.  During their stay in whatever paradise they have chosen, tourists tend to feel an aura of excitement and intrigue and even after the vacation is said and done, the memories serve as a reminder to the happiness one felt while away.  These positive mood changes, which come from elevated levels of serotonin, have a fantastic effect on your health as they fight depression, help you sleep better and aid your body in its physiological functions.

2. The Best Form of Stress Relief

The Best Form of Stress Relief

There is nothing better than getting away from the stresses of everyday life, even if just for a moment.  Whether it’s something as small as traffic or something as big as your career or a relationship, the stress that comes with these situations can wreak havoc on your body.  By heading out on your next vacation, you’ll have an opportunity to take a break from all the things that stress you out, which essentially gives your body and mind a break as well.  Taking a few days, a week or even more every now and again can be extremely important for your health.  The American Psychological Association suggests taking regular vacations as a way to manage stress and they couldn’t be more right.  With the luxuries available at most all inclusive resorts these days, you’ll be in for a stress-free adventure, where you will be waited on hand and foot, invited to relax at world-class spas and even encouraged to let loose and dance the night away.

3. A Little Heart Therapy

A Little Heart Therapy

Heart attacks are a serious consequence of high levels of stress and the inactivity that can come with long days of work and demanding lifestyles.  A CNN Report released in 2012 equated higher risk of heart disease with lack of vacation time.  According to the article, there have been numerous investigations that suggest that taking a vacation can significantly reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.  They even go on to say that men who take vacation at least once a year are 32% less likely to suffer from this life threatening illness.  Women, whiles less likely, are still at higher risk.  The study shows that women who vacation bi-annually are eight times less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who vacation once every six years.  With such alarming statistics, why not do your heart a favor and take a vacation?

4. A Cultural Experience

A recent study by Cornell University shows that by taking a vacation to a place with a different culture, traditions and perspectives, you’ll be giving yourself the tools to a happier life. While many associate happiness with material possessions, the Cornell study actually links greater levels of joy to traveling.  As one travels and experiences the unique culture of foreign lands they feel a sense of contentment that is associated with health.  Not only does happiness help combat stress, but also it is proven to defend your heart from disease, strengthen your immune system, fight off illness and ease aches and pains.  With so much to gain, there is no reason individuals shouldn’t be heading off on a vacation in Mexico, the Caribbean or any of the other exotic destinations around the world.

5. Not Traveling Can Be Depressing

Not Traveling Can Be Depressing

After reading how traveling can induce happiness, it should come as no surprise that it could also help combat bouts of depression.  Several studies indicate that people who travel more often are less likely to show signs of severe or slight depression than those who only travel once every few years.  This fact, coupled with the knowledge that depression can cause a decrease in motivation and one’s ability to fight off disease, should make booking your next vacation a no brainer.  The mood changing effects of travel will not only give you the energy needed to make it through the day, but it will also give you a more positive outlook life, even if for just a few months until your mind, body and soul needs another vacation.

So, there now remains no excuses! Vacation at Sian Ka’an Village and boost your health!