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Canopy Ziplines in Costa Maya

Costa Maya is one of the most beautiful areas in Mexico; the mixed landscape makes for interesting viewing while hiking and trekking through the jungle. The issue is that there’s just so much to see! Cenotes (large, natural fresh-water wells), Mayan ruins, and all the delights of nature embodied in the local flora and fauna can be seen here. It’s getting to it all that’s the trouble; you want to see the area, but we know you’d like some time to chill out, too. If only there was a way to see it all (or a lot of it) in one day.

Well now there is!

Imagine soaring high above the ground, whizzing through the canopy of the jungle with all of the natural wonders of the Costa Maya laid out below you. Does this sound like a scene from a movie? Well it’s not, it is in fact a description of one of the zip-line canopy tours that are now available.

Canopy Tours in Costa Maya

Couples, families and friend groups alike can make unforgettable memories with one of these wonderful tours; this is an activity that will give you an all new view of the landscape of Costa Maya (literally). The zip-lines in Costa Maya can reach heights of up to 45 meters above the ground depending on the adventure park you choose and can drop as low as 8 meters below the surface. No matter what altitude you’re sitting at, though, you’ll see wonderful things. This shared experience will surely give you all something to talk about long after you leave Costa Maya.

In fact, it has been said that such shared experiences contribute to the creation, maintenance and strengthening of the bonds that we share with those we love. Whatever your reason for taking a canopy tour you can be sure that you’ll come away with a smile on your face, plenty to discuss, and a renewed sense of togetherness.