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Why Choose Sian Ka’an Village for Luxury Meditation Retreats

Are you searching for a perfect place to a hold luxurious meditation retreat? Maybe you are seeking that special place where you can get away from the crazy and hectic world with friends who enjoy meditating? If you are, then you are in luck, because the Sian Ka’an Village is the perfect location and it is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Below are a few reasons why you should choose Sian Ka’an Village for your luxury Meditation retreat:

1. Amazing Beauty and Stunning Views

Amazing Beauty and Stunning Views

The Sian Ka’an Village is protected by the UNESCO and the biosphere is absolutely stunning. The waters are crystal clear, boasting a beautiful turquoise color that is rare to see. The waters are surrounded by swaying palm trees and the vegetation on the coast is lush, contrasting the white sandy beaches formed from the coral reefs that protect the the shore. There is nothing quite like meditating on nature’s beauty to enhance your connection with yourself and your inner being.

2. Idyllic Seclusion

Idyllic Seclusion

The Sian Ka’an Village is far away from the noise and crowded city and stress. This will allow visitors to get away from the real world and enjoy perfect seclusion to fully meditate. There is no cell phone coverage, so you won’t have to take any stress related calls from coworkers or family members. The luxurious retreat will provide you with idyllic seclusion that you will truly appreciate.

3. Nature’s Melodies Provided

Nature’s Melodies Provided

At the Sian Ka’an Village, visitors will enjoy complete silence with only the sounds from nature. This is a luxurious retreat for meditation. You will not hear any cars zooming by, no cell phone talks, no loud music or loud neighbors, but only the sweet sounds from nature and your mantras.

4. Picturesque Architecture

Picturesque Architecture

The Sian Ka’an Village is a picturesque building. Each visitor will have privacy, because there are seven ensuite bedrooms that are both elegant and luxurious. The common areas have plenty of room and space where you can socialize with other guests and meditate together in these areas. You can choose to meditate on the front ocean deck, on the white sandy beach, or the Grand Salon, which is air conditioned. The palapa located on the beach or the Casa de Piedra house are also available for meditation, so guests will have plenty of meditation choices where they can meditate alone.

5. Walking Meditations

Walking Meditations

The Sian Ka’an Village is located on an isolated tropical paradise that is lush and private. The village is awaiting to be fully discovered, so guests can go on a walking meditation and discover the village. Can you just imagine meditating while you are walking down the beach at sunrise or walking to Casa de Piedra for a picnic meditating, and even meditating on the mangroves? All this and more can be done while you are meditating walking.

6. Specialized Meals

 Specialized Meals

At the Sian Ka’an Village all meals, beverages, and snacks are all included in the price when you rent your room here. A chef will prepare all your meals specialized to your taste and preferences that you have set out before you arrive at the village. There will be fresh fish and seafood daily along with vegetarian options where you can dine in your suite or with the meditation group. We can also accommodate fasting meditations and juice detoxes.