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Staying in Shape at Sian Ka’an Village

Staying in Shape at Sian Ka’an Village

Being able to keep up with your fitness routine (or at least some of it) is important to many people choosing where to take a vacation. Exercise is a key element to staying healthy, living longer and having a high quality of life. At Sian Ka’an Village there are a number of ways you can exercise; take a look below:


Kayaking Sian Kaan

The Sian Ka’an Village has kayaks that guests are welcome to borrow. Kayaking is a fun form of exercise which will enable you to enjoy the seclusion of the waters that surround the Sian Ka’an Village as well as work your body.

Paddle boarding

Tone Up and Shed Extra Pounds

You can also exercise at Sian Ka’an Village by borrowing the paddle boards. Paddle boarding is great for your core strength as well as building muscles in your arms and legs. It is also great for your balance. You can get an all over tan while you work out too!

Mountain Biking

Take one of the mountain bikes available at the Sian Ka’an Village to explore the dirt roads flanked by mangroves that lead to and from the luxury villa.

Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea

Strong swimmers will enjoy the challenge of swimming lengths in the sea at Sian Ka’an Village. Some guests have even swam as far as the coral reef that protects the shore.


Snorkeling Today at Sian Ka’an Village

Snorkelling is a great pastime that many people forget to include as a form of exercise. You can borrow the snorkel gear at the Sian Ka’an Village and enjoy the underwater wonders that prevail here.

Running on the beach

Running on the beach at sunrise is one of the greatest pleasures at the Sian Ka’an Village. The beach stretches for miles and miles so you can easy enjoy a full running work out.


Yoga Meditation Retreats Quintana Roo

There are flat areas where you can enjoy your own yoga practice, including the main deck, in the gran salon and under the palapa on the beach. The Sian Ka’an Village can also be rented for yoga and meditation retreats.