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Sian Ka’an Poem

Expectant and teeming
within the hush of silence,
Sian Ka’an Village waits patiently
with the grace of nature as its consort,
an ebb and flow of possibility

Waves endlessly washing the shore
as lulling as divine breath
Inhaling like a deep cleanse
Exhaling tranquility
free of supposition

Beneath each rise and fall
of silken turquoise and cyan hues,
Nature’s metropolis of corals with its
rainbow population whirling in currents,
converse and multiply.

While on the shoreline,
coconut palms dance in unison, caressed
by the warm sea breeze
as cornflour sand, soft like angel hair,
awaits a tender footstep

Sian Ka’an – poised at that point
where the heavens and the waves embrace
lost in the totality of the one
unified consciousness,
where only silence and peace exist.

By Deborah Buley